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Big Tree Artists has been evolving since 2009.

We are creating a new model agency. An agency that targets the head of the industry and instead of being a traditional agency for touring we are becoming a modern agency for Managers and Artist

Big Tree Artists take on select projects so we are not overworked and we work exclusively with our clients. With over 20 years previous experience in the music industry, the focus is twofold;

Firstly, we supply and assist management companies with all facets of their artist’s career including;

  • Touring
  • Marketing plans(digital and traditional) and promotional roll outs
  • Accounting
  • Publicity and Radio Servicing
  • Ticketing
  • Legal

Are you being charged full commission for services that you don’t need. Talk to us, let’s work out a variable commission rate based on the work you require.

Secondly, we have created the Industry’s first Brokerage and Development Agreement. This agreement is unique as it encompasses the artist and management and facilitates the services of brokering deals with;

  • recording labels
  • sponsors
  • publishers
  • publicists
  • radio pluggers

The Agreement encourages the development of the Artist and Management skills in areas of;

  • performance
  • networking
  • song development
  • negotiations
  • media exploitation
  • merchandising
  • ticketing
  • digital releases

We have the vision to eventually enable artists to be independently self sufficient by creating a team and resources around them to sustain a long and profitable career.
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